About M.E.S.A.

Vendors and Members: The JL Audio and Proline Brooklyn teams have lunch together at the 2013 MESA Fall SummitGroup Structure

M.E.S.A. (Mobile Electronic Specialists of America-pronounced “may-suh”) is the 12 volt industry’s first and only Member-owned retailer marketing and selling Group. Retailers meeting the criteria for membership and vendors, whose business practices support the independent channel of distribution, make up the backbone of the Group. Retail and vendor members are those who have demonstrated the highest level of business principals and acumen. Retail Members are comprised of dealers representing the best installation available to car stereo and electronics customers and many are winners of multiple industry awards every year.

M.E.S.A. is about becoming part of a very select Group of only the BEST retailers in the industry, each in a select geographic area. Keep in mind that the Group is 100% owned by the Members and that the Group programs are on top of the programs a dealer has with these same vendor partners. All program payments come directly to the Member, none of the program funds go through M.E.S.A. first.


Dean Magnesen of Sound Warehouse shares how he successfully buys media at the 2013 MESA Fall SummitVendor and Marketing Programs

M.E.S.A. is quickly changing many retailers’ businesses for the better. Becoming a Member in the Group changes nothing regarding the way you currently do business on a transactional basis. Members continue to negotiate their own programs and continue to purchase through their individual representatives, the M.E.S.A. programs further enhance your profitability and bring new opportunities through the group’s dynamic. What does change is your ability to better market your business and become more profitable by taking advantage of M.E.S.A. vendor partner VIR programs, closeout opportunities, M.E.S.A. exclusive product lines (like M.E.S.A. Wire), and marketing materials to support sell through.



Members receive education and training to improve their business.Team Dynamic

M.E.S.A. moves as a team. Members work together sharing their very best practices, internal forms, sales staff incentive programs & other business information to help each other in all areas of their business. Twice a year the M.E.S.A. group gathers in person to reinforce the strong group dynamic and provide valuable information and education resources to Members and Vendor Partners. The annual Fall Summit meeting consistently boasts more than 95% member attendance and delivers relevant, high quality education sessions, networking with like minded business men and women, and further strengthens the team dynamic that makes M.E.S.A. so powerful.