M.E.S.A. Produces Upgrade your Sound TV Commercial

In Production: Window Tint

Arvada, CO —
June 2, 2014
“Upgrade your Sound” is the latest fully produced M.E.S.A. TV spot and was released this week for use by the buying and marketing group’s member retailers.

The TV spot features the actors from the rest of the series alongside the 80’s hair band, Chainsaw Love Affair.  Like the category focused spots that preceded it, the Upgrade your Sound commercial shows the consumer how an aftermarket product can be experienced in their everyday lives.

“We’re happy to continue to deliver high quality marketing materials to the best of the best 12 volt specialists in the country,” said Ryan Gunter, Director of M.E.S.A. “We will also be shooting the highly anticipated window tint TV spot at the end of this month.”