M.E.S.A. Will Not Support Amazon Installer Network

Arvada, CO —
December 15, 2014

The Board and Executive Director of M.E.S.A., the Mobile Electronics Specialists of America, have announced today that the Quarter Billion Dollar, 231 store buying and marketing group will not support the recently announced Amazon Installer network in any way. M.E.S.A. firmly believes that this network would only lend validity to trans-shipping and further Amazon’s ability to utilize unauthorized dealers for product fulfillment. This is certainly detrimental to retailers, manufacturers, consumers, and the industry as a whole in both the short and long term.


Ryan GunterAs a core principal of our group, M.E.S.A. cannot support programs that promote trans-shipping and remove the authorized retailer from the sale. Professional installation is one of our Members’ greatest assets; and removing product sales from the transaction would drive business away from our stores, not to them,” said Ryan Gunter, Executive Director of MESA. Problems surrounding every aspect of the sale are likely to arise when Amazon (and sellers on Amazon) sells products which they are not authorized to sell by the manufacturer.Those products are then installed by an authorized specialty retailer, leaving the unsuspecting consumer with no local warranty. Consumers would expect the local Authorized Dealer to warranty any defective merchandise; resulting in consumer outrage directed at the local dealer instead of at the entity they purchased the product from – Amazon. This discrepancy in standards will ultimately result in a poor consumer experience with no upside for our Members.”


Due to rigorously high membership qualification standards, M.E.S.A. Members represent the top retailers and best installers across the nation in the industry. The M.E.S.A. group includes 112 retailers comprised of 231 store locations as well as a partnership with 17 top industry vendors. M.E.S.A. Members doing business with M.E.S.A. Vendor Partners are all authorized sellers of their product and therefore uphold all guidelines set forth by those vendors.