Membership Benefits

M.E.S.A. Membership Benefits


M.E.S.A. Makes Members more Money

M.E.S.A. allows Member’s to make more money by offering VIR programs and special opportunity buys only available to MESA Members. The way a retailer buys doesn’t change: M.E.S.A. Members still buy from the same representative, using the same programs they have always had. M.E.S.A. Deals are layered in above and beyond a retailer’s previously negotiated programs.

  • Group buying power and discounts
  • Special opportunity buys only available to M.E.S.A. Members
  • Exclusive M.E.S.A. branded products that allow a retailer to maintain high gross margins on accessory categories that will no longer suffer price erosion due to internet pressure:
    • M.E.S.A. Wire
    • M.E.S.A. Mat (Sound Damping)
    • M.E.S.A. Tint
    • M.E.S.A. Remote Start/Security
  • M.E.S.A. Money customer financing


M.E.S.A. Saves Members Time

M.E.S.A. saves MembersĀ  time by providing world class marketing materials and education.

  • Access to high quality promotional and marketing materials such as: Sales in a Box, Email Templates, TV commercials, Templated Websites, Digital Signs, Online Marketing, Pandora Ads, Social Media, and relevant educational opportunities.
  • Access to M.E.S.A. Fit: a vehicle fit database designed for your salesperson. This tool eliminates bouncing between multiple websites to locate a particular vehicle’s installation needs.
  • Scheduled and streaming Vendor training videos
  • Networking with the best minds in the industry


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