Who M.E.S.A. Is

THE NAME SPEAKS VOLUMES. It’s an idea that already resonates with top independent retailers nationwide. IT’S M.E.S.A.- A powerful alliance of the best independent car audio retailers across the country linked up and synched up to share a long list of benefits including: the power to negotiate lower prices from manufacturers, share successful marketing and promotional material, and practice sound business in the sound business. We have only one retailer per market in order to maximize effective idea sharing and marketing programs.


What M.E.S.A. Does

M.E.S.A. provides Members with group VIR programs, pre-planned product buys with pre-produced marketing materials to support sell through of these items and opportunity buys of vendor overstocked or closeout products. Due to our Members’ geographic isolation, vendors also benefit by being able to move products in a manner that does not affect dealers across the entire nation. While Members will continue to negotiate their own programs and continue to purchase through their individual representatives, the M.E.S.A. programs further enhance their profitability and bring new opportunities through the Group’s dynamic.

M.E.S.A. Members share their best practices, internal forms, sales staff incentive programs and other business information. Group forms for RTV, employee manuals templates and sales contest templates are other examples of the ways that Group Members can save time by benefitting from Group Membership.


How to Apply

M.E.S.A only accepts one retailer per market in order to maximize effective idea sharing and marketing programs so be sure to claim your market today. Click here for more information on applying for M.E.S.A. Membership.